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Cigar Events, Lounges, Bars, Clubs in Istanbul

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  • Event | 2015-12-17 : Havana Store Smoke Night More
  • Lounge | CHE Cigar More
  • Event | 2015-09-03 : Internations Smoke Night More
  • Lounge | CHE Cigar Kanyon More

Cigar Istanbul

Napoleon said, if the World were a single state, Istanbul would be its Capital. And to a certain extent, it was. The city servedas a capital for many civilizations, including Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Along with its historical values, thereis agreat social life in Istanbul, which makes it even more popular day after day. Now, time has come to make the city known for being a cigar friendly city. 

Please do get in touch with me, if you are travelling to Istanbul.