CigarCities wird leider nicht mehr weiter gepflegt. Mehr infos hier.

CigarCities will not be maintained anymore. All data might be outdated and is only kept for historic reasons

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What is CigarCities?

CigarCities is a free portal which tries to enable cigar smokers to find events, lounges and clubs all around the world. It is impossible to know every cigar relevant location so we have many local Aficionados, so called Ambassadors, which add everything they find worthy for their area and hence all our data is up-to-date and well maintained. A great amount of effort is put into the accuracy of everything we publish as you don't want to waste time walking to bar in a foreign city with great expectation of a wonderful smoke just to find it closed. Of course every user can add his personal insider tips, clubs, lounges and events which we will then issue after checking the data. All our Ambassadors are well known cigar Aficionados in their respective city and love smoking and the  cigar as a product. We are always looking for new talent, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to maintain your own region or city.

CigarCities is made for every person who enjoys the fine smoking culture. Only cigar lounges are added which fulfill the highest standards and will enable you to relax and enjoy the smoke. Because the lounges don't pay to be listed we are the only objective portal which tries to cover the whole world. We also try to enable you, the user, to find be best suited location through allowing you to review a lounge, upload pictures and see the opinion of others. Of course you can also upload reviews and photos of events and such share the experience you had.


Our 5 main goals are:

  • All Events and Lounges maintained though local aficionado called CigarAmbassadors
  • Objective user Reviews and Photos of Lounges and Events
  • The aim to be cover the worldwide
  • Full mobile support
  • Everything is for FREE



The story of CigarCities:

CigarCities was started out of a venture called CigarBerlin. The reason for CigarBerlin was that many people were calling to ask me about Lounges, where they could enjoy a cigar or details on Events. A phenomena a lot of cigar aficionados have gotten used to, as I am told. At some stage I created a website to publish this information so I could enjoy a quite evening without the interruption of my smoke. The sudden success of such a simple site was not what I expected and it soon became clear that there was a dire need for local up-to-date information focused all around the cigar. So in April I quit my old job and started working on the portal and was born. This is why historically CigarCities is based around local Aficionados that know their direct environment very well and are able to publish this information through CigarCities. Just like I did at the beginning and still do for my home town.